Activated Attapulgite Clay

Attapulgite is naturally mined clay. Attapulgite had been used by industry for more than 40 years before it was recognized as a distinct clay mineral. It is a needle-like clay mineral composed of magnesium-aluminum silicate. With the realization that Activated Attapulgite Clay was indeed a unique mineral, con- siderable efforts have been expended over the years by industry to take advantage of its characteristic properties in industrial applications.

Uses of Aactivated Attapulgite Clay

It has uses such as thickening of lubrication oils to grease, for fertilizer suspension, herbicide, carrier, animal feed binder, saltwater drilling mud, stabilizers, gallants and thixotorpic agents.

Activated Attapulgite Clay is also dispersible in many organic liquids, especially if a surface active agent is added to reduce the oleo phobic nature of the surface.

Such dispersions resemble those made in water, ranging from thin thyrotrophic Liquids to stiff gels.