Activated Carbon Powder / Activated Carbon Granules

Manek is manufacturing Activated Carbon Powder and Granules. We have our own processing plant established in Gujarat State. We have an installed capacity of 12000 MT per annum powder and granules and Our Products is “HALAL” / “KOSHER” certified.

We are exporting our products worldwide. Company is having technical team and young management experts to cater the customer in time. The product meets all international standards and has brand image in the both national and international markets.

Uses of Activated Carbon: -

“Activated carbon Powder and Granules with rapid absorption is widely used in the sugar and fruit juice industry. These series products are made from high quality wood by chemical activation thermal activation process; it is used for decolonization and purification of sucrose, maltose, starch, wine, citric acid, food additives chemicals industries and have a wide use Industrial and Municipal waste water treatments”