Bleaching Earth Powder / Bleaching Earth Granuals

It is great pride to introduce ourselves as manufacturer and exporter of high quality bleaching earths. We have plant capacity 80,000 MT per annum powder and granules. We mine, process and market all types of Bleaching Earth for all type of edible and non edible oils processing.

We are regularly supplying our well-known brand product to many refineries all over the world with quality and consistency. We are Technical people, involved in manufacturing mineral base chemical products since 1970. five decades experience enables us to identify, select and mine the best raw material for giving optimum result in Bleaching Earth.

Bleaching Earth is manufactured from the best quality raw materials; we carefully select raw Bentonite clay and monitor through number of quality control checks and procedures. At processing plant, we use the most advanced technology and state of art machinery through experienced staff to monitor and manufacture the best quality Bleaching Earth. The quality control checks at all stages of production, handling and dispatch, we have been able to guarantee for our Brand “CLEAN” bleaching earth of its excellent quality and consistency.

Our plant has certification of “ISO 9001”, besides “DIOXIN TEST”, “HALAL” and “KOSHER”. We strictly maintain and implement all parameters according to these standards. This inspired us to the raise and maintains quality in the manufacture of “CLEAN” bleaching earth. The demand so generated due to increasing the performance has lead to commissioning of additional production facilities.

Uses of Bleaching Earth : -
  • Refining of Vegetable oils like : Soyabean, Sunflower, Palm, Palm-kernel, Cottonseed, Rapeseed, Mustard, Peanut, Coconut, Corn, Olive, Ricebran, Castor, & Canola oils.
  • Refining of Mineral Oils like : Paraffins and waxes, insulating oil, rolling oil white oil, waste oil (lubricating oil), industrial triglycerides and fatty acids.
  • Refining of hydrogenated vanaspati ghee oils, Margarine & shortening.
  • Refining of Animal Fats like tallow oil, fish oil, lard oil.